Candle & Cauldron

Graveyard DIrt


Despite it's spooky name, this scent is reminiscent of the ground after a summer rainstorm ... in the cemetery! Delicate floral notes soften the petrichor focal point and really allowing it to shine.

top notes: marine, green floral, bergamot

mid notes: earth, petrichor, honeysuckle

base notes: sandalwood, patchouli, mossi

ngredients: 100% soy wax, cotton core wick, (cauldron has wood wick*) fragrance oilClean Scents fragrance oils are free of phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens and toxins.

Net weight: approx. 6.5oz

Height: 3.5in

Diameter: 2.9in

Burn time: 35-40h