Insight Editions

Everything Will Be Okay! Affirmations & Self-Care Reminders


This charming gift is chock-full of playful illustrations and self-care reminders from human's best friend. Hannah Simpson’s lighthearted illustrations perfectly capture the symbiotic relationship between humans and our beloved canine companions. Everything Will Be Okay! reminds us (from the loyal and loving perspectives of our pups) that bad days will pass, we’re all good at different things, and you are brave for trying.

Perfect for dog lovers and for anyone needing a little boost to remind them that Everything Will Be Okay! Celebrate birthdays, Gotcha Days, Graduations, and more with this winsome gift.

Artist Hannah Simpson’s canine illustrations are colorful and vibrant, and feature a diverse selection of dog sizes and breeds. Muzzled dogs, tri-pods, and one-eyed dogs are represented here in Hannah's trademark style of making everyone feel welcome and loved.