East End Press

Hanukkah Garland


Bring the spirit of the Festival of Lights into your home with this stylish Hanukkah Garland! This beautiful 3-metre long paper garland is handmade from thick cotton paper, screen-printed with ten vibrant Hanukkah symbols, including Menorahs, Torahs and Stars of David. Delicately stitched onto strong cotton thread, simply hang in the window, mantelpiece or brighten up the dinner table. It's a festive combination of colour, texture and tradition that'll bring any room to life!

  • 3 metres long
  • Recycled materials
  • Features ten paper shapes, sewn along a strong cotton thread
  • Screen printed by hand on both sides
  • Hand printed by talented artisans in Jaipur
  • Please note that every garland is hand printed, so may vary slightly from the photograph; this just adds to the charm!