Ferris Wheel Press

Cloak & Forest - Fountain Pen Ink


Ink Tone: Forest Green, silver shimmer
Characteristics: High-sheen, deep, verdant, lively

FerriTales™ 2023 Collection

Join Little Red Riding Hood on her way to Grandmother's house, with her red cloak and care basket of goodies. Watch out for the Big Bad Wolf as you traipse through the underbrush of the deep green forest, with only scattered silvery light peeking through the canopy to light your way.

Open the gilded cover of your favourite fairy book and dive deep into the FerriTales Collection. Re-imaging the tallest tales told through time, we inspire a new generation of writers and creatives with our most luxurious collection of fine fountain pen inks.

Captured in a 20ml glass globe with a widened neck to fit most fountain pens, this high quality, richly saturated pen ink is our most cherished collection yet. Explore a world of premium, dazzling shimmers, enchanting tonal combinations, and captivating sheens to add to your treasured chest of stationery.

Once Upon a Design

The flutter of a red cloak and the soft padding of feet on a mossy floor can be heard as Little Red rushes through a dimly lit forest on her way to grandmother’s house. Forest residents chatter from their humble abodes, warning her of the peeping Big Bad Wolf lurking in the shadows, but fear not! The silvery light of the sun peeks through the lush canopies of the wizened trees, lighting her way, giving her the hope and courage needed to continue her daring journey.

Notable design details:

  • Forest residents chatter from their humble abodes - friendly squirrels, rabbits, and owls warn Little Red of their rudest neighbour
  • Stashes of ink bottles have found their way into the forest - can you find all the bottles?
  • Some industrious creatures lurk in the underbrush, are those woodworking tools they are holding?
  • The Big Bad Wolf lurks behind some trees, intentional or not, his peeping is creepy!
  • A clue for our next ink is hidden amongst the trees, can you guess which story we will land in next?