Gravesco Pottery

Tipsy Tumbler Cup - White


Kinetic cups keep fidgety fingers busy while relaxing with a tasty adult beverage. They're also terrific for any kind of drinks. 

Every element was intentionally designed to function well. The bottom is trimmed with a rounded surface so it is easy to spin, rock, and just fidget in general. The thumb dent is a nice spot for your digits to nestle but is also another kinetic spot attracting the desire to fiddle with it between sips. The lip is thin enough it doesn't dribble but thick enough it doesn't chip easily. The bottom has added weight to keep it upright as you play with it.

Each one is thrown by hand on the potters wheel so they each have their own unique characteristics making them unique even though you can also put together a set. 

Completely handmade by real humans on the pottery wheel by Gravesco Pottery in their Indianapolis studio.

Measures approximately 3.5" W x 3.5" H