Pencil Sharpener


High-quality and functional with a nod to the past. The Angel 5 Royal sharpeners comes in 4 retro colors.

  • All metal craftsmanship made in Japan and made to last for years to come.
  • The high-quality blade sharpens with little force required, making it great for anyone.
  • Quiet manual hand crank is classroom friendly.

Durable Metal Housing


  • The housing of the pencil sharpener is constructed from double thickness metal that has an ability to withstand accidental drops.

Zinc Die Cast Gear

  • Aluminum Die Cast Internal Gear Mechanism Provides sturdy and long-lasting blade performance.
  • The blade assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and or replacing.

Auto-Feed and Auto-Stop Feature

  • The CARL Angel 5 Royal 3 cutting mechanism automatically draws the pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a perfect point.
  • Once the pencil is sharp, the CARL Angel 5 Royal 3 unique design will not allow the pencil to over sharpen.

Rectangular, Triangle, round pencil

  • Rubber material inside chuck can grip not just standard Hexagon, but also Triangle and Circle shaped pencils.
  • Depending on pencils, it may leave grip-marks on pencil.