Wood Stove Kitchen

Glitter Sangria


Fan-favorite Sangria Mixer has undergone a glow up, with the fun addition of edible glitter! The tangerine, strawberry, and peach flavors are sweet and summery, and the glitter is the cherry on top. Glitter Sangria is a great gift for Mother's Day and the center of attention at Pride!

Most sangria mixers are just cloudy orange juice concentrate and a bit of added flavors. These are made with peach and strawberry concentrate along with clarified tangerine concentrate to get a smooth and luscious sangria mixer that is a lovely color.

Just mix one cup of mixer with one bottle of red wine, or put a dash into any cocktail that needs some added fruit flavors. It's great for making wine slushies as well.

16 oz.

24-month shelf life!